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What is MICHELIN® Total Performance™? With the confidence that all your needs are covered, you can have peace of mind and just enjoy your drive. MICHELIN® Total Performance™ is the result of our 125-year obsession with improving mobility. We take our findings from our global research centre and from the toughest lab ever – motorsports – and apply it to your day-to-day tire. Find out how we can create a tire that covers all your needs in one.

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Michelin® cares and acts for a sustainable future

Tire characteristics such as fuel saving, longevity and quiet ride are key for everyone’s future. That is why we have been creating green tires even before any standards were in place and why our worldwide technology centre continually investigates new approaches in sustainability.

About Michelin®

Michelin North America, Inc.
Michelin North America operates in the United States, Canada and Mexico with headquarter operations and plants in each country. This demonstrates Michelin’s long-term strategy of being close to its customers.

North American Operations
Michelin North America is a $10.76 billion dollar a year company operating 19 plants in 16 locations and employs 22,000 people. It manufactures and sells tires for airplanes, automobiles, farm equipment, heavy duty trucks, motorcycles, and bicycles. Michelin manufactures tires in six states: Alabama, Indiana, Ohio, Oklahoma, North Carolina and South Carolina. In addition, there are three plants in Nova Scotia, Canada and one plant in Queretaro, Mexico. Two plants specialize in the manufacturing of semi-finished goods taking raw materials and turning them into components for the plants that produce tires and one plant strictly produces synthetic rubber. Finished goods are produced in sixteen plants, two sites produce retreads for the trucking and one site produces retreads for the aircraft industry. Michelin Maps and Guides also produce road atlases, road maps and travel guides for all the major cities in North America.

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