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Gislaved – Swedish through and through.
Gislaved comes from Sweden, a country that stirs up lots of associations. Innovative design ideas from Ikea, for example, or the safety and reliability offered by Swedish cars like Saab and Volvo. Or the proverbial strength of Swedish steel. Gislaved tires incorporate everything that Sweden stands for – modern styling, comfort, top quality, reliability and international distribution.

Attractive for consumers and dealers alike.
The wide range of products for cars and MPVs/light vans satisfies virtually every requirement. Gislaved is one of the world‘s leading safety experts in the field of winter tires. For many years now Gislaved‘s nimble summer tires have also gained a growing following among motorists in many countries throughout the world.


A Grip Expert on your side.

Nordic know-how
Gislaved stands for 110 years of experience with a focus on tyres for difficult road conditions. Its Swedish heritage and respective target groups ensure that tyres by Gislaved fulfill Scandinavian requirements. Accordingly, they will pass every acid test and master all weather conditions. Gislaveds leading position is expanded by constant development of new, improved designs of tyres for passenger cars, SUVs and vans.

Gislaved comprises the following core values:

  • Perfect grip regardless of weather conditions
  • Safety
  • Driving comfort

Gislaved meets the consumer’s need for the comfort that their tyres will handle any road by all means.

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