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Our History Has Always Been About The Road Ahead. It started with a horse race. When our founder, Harvey Firestone, took his new rubber-tired buggy to the track one day in the early 1890s, he won. Big time. Not only did he experience the superior performance of rubber tires for the first time, he got a taste for leading the competition. And that’s exactly what Firestone has been doing for more than 115 years.

The Firestone Tire Company was founded on a determination to offer the quality and service it takes to win the race, wherever that race may be. It’s how we made the non-skid tread pattern an industry standard — in 1909. It’s how we’ve helped our drivers win the Indianapolis 500 more than 60 times and counting. And it’s why we’re still a household name generations after that historic horse race.

But make no mistake: There’s plenty of roads ahead. And we’re looking forward to writing history for a long time coming.

Innovating Products and Processes

Bridgestone is committed to producing products in the most environmentally responsible ways. We are continually working to ensure sustainable practices are employed throughout the entire product lifecycle from how Bridgestone tires are produced, to the impact of tires on the road, to how tires are used at the end of their lives on a vehicle. The company is continually delivering new tire innovation and improving environmental performance.

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